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Is it urgent or can I come after lunch?

There was a motorcycle verses car accident Friday afternoon about 2:30 in the afternoon. I will be the first to comment since I was responsible for calling in this accident. I was in the back yard watering when I heard the wreck. I opened the back gate to see a body laying in the road. I ran into the house and dialed 911. I said “there is an accident on Johnny and Jamestown road by the church and there is a man laying in the road, send an ambulance.” They wanted me to hold on and I said I was going to get my cell phone and I would call them right back. I called them right back and they didn’t need to talk to me so I hung up. I walked to the man in the road and helped direct traffic while waiting for the ambulance to arrive and be supportive.

The ambulance finally arrived and it was about 3:08pm. I am appalled at the whole situation. I made my second call at 2:42 on my cell phone which means it took the ambulance almost 30 minutes to arrive. They were the first ones on the scene. I know they are only 2 miles away so I was confused as to why it took so long. Five minutes later a Fire truck drove up so it took the fire department almost 35 minutes to respond and still there were no law enforcement on the scene. Then 5 or 10 minutes later the chp showed up.

So my question is this, If this man was injured badly enough to bleed out would he have been doa or would he have lived. My guess would be he would not have made it had it been more serious.

I refuse to listen to everyone say “well we have had cuts and only have two cars to respond.” If there is not enought help to get to the scene of an accident then the sergent of the chp or sherriffs department sitting behind their desk needs to get himself in the car and goooooooo! Get it? The dispatcher is in question? Did you do your job? You dispatched an ambulance before my second call at 2:42 pm and what should have been a 7 minute response was almost a 30 minute response.

Did you believe me or were you waiting for a second opinion?

Had this man died, I would blame all of you. It’s not come if you can or when you can it’s get in the car and get there! We deserve more for what we are paying for. I am so disappointed, I just don’t know what to think. I hope if I ever need an ambulance I am not in Tuolumne County where they will just come if they can. Your since of urgency stinks. I am saddened for the family who had to wait today and thankful it wasn’t one of mine.

Truley dissappointed in the whole situation.