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Racism in the Motherlode is alive and well

For those of you who have driven the lower end of Phoenix Lake Rd recently, you have probably noticed the evolution of the home-made lawn jockey at some fools driveway. It began as a sort of tin man painted black, with large ears, holding a painted slice of log with the address number. The painted slice of log was colored like a slice of watermelon. The whole caricature was so bad, I didn’t realize it was supposed to be Obama until he added a sign, which originally said “He thinks he is”. That didn’t make much sense until I noticed a pained “O” in a crude sort of Superman insignia on his chest.

Apparently this attracted enough notice that that the fool has now removed the watermelon slice, and changed his sign to read “What birth certificate” and most recently “Get a job yet”.

Lawn-jockey sort of characters have been removed or repainted all over America in the last 30 years, yet this guy makes one from scratch. The watermelon slice, etc, defines how bad his racism really is. Of course, he violates no laws, since bad taste is not illegal. Does anyone know this guy to appeal to him to remove the whole business. Does he go to church? Call himself a Christian?