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Medical Marijuana making our county work?

I have been reading a lot about the different things that are going on in our county. First I read about the tree and that crazy donation, and now I’m reading about all the busts..

I AM ASKING WITH ALL SINCERITY: Why can’t the county keep the Medical Marijuana that they receive from different busts and open a clean, respectable, clinic?

All the money made from it can go to the county fund… Have it run by law enforcement. I know, I know, “But they are the law.”

I went to the clinic on Mono Way one time. I was disgusted… I never went back, so you can not blame SPD. When something is so obvious, you can not expect them to ignore it…THAT IS THEIR JOB.

Put the money in a fund that will help Toulumne County Children join a sport or after school activity such as gymnastics, or martial Arts, dance classes that parents can’t afford anymore.

Have a senior day where any senior that wants to go to a monthly BBQ or movie together and use the fund to pay for it? SPD should send a rep to Angels Care in Santa Clara and see how things are supposed to be ran in a MM club.

Remember for every person out there smoking pot illegally, there are five to ten that are smoking it for the right reason, in other words legally.

Separate the profits and funds and give them out to Very important groups such as “Operation Mom”

I know my son would have loved a lot more letters and just gift boxes from more people when he was in Afghanistan. Take the funds and help out Vets and Seniors with Medicine they can’t afford.

Would this be possible? I, myself, think its a great idea…