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County Jail

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I am concerned because; the county shoved this project down our throats, no vote, no money, just debt.

Why do you think our country has more people in jail than any other country in the world?
Could it be that we are afraid of hurting the convicts feelings?
That we are discriminating against their rights? If they are convicted in a court of law, they lost their rights, until they are released.
Why build jails to the standards of a luxurious club house? Anyone down on their luck, homeless, no insurance, in need of medical attention, can commit a misdemeanor, and get put in the county jail. They will get three square meals a day, nice warm rooms, recreation, all the medical, dental treatment they need. That sure beats being out on the street, worring about rent, food and a warm place to stay, like the rest of us law abiders.
Why do you think there is so much repeat offenders?

We need change in this country and county, stop this madness. There are a few people that are down and out, for that we have welfare. These low life, useless individuals, that use the system at our expense, have to be punished in ways that it is uncomfortable to be incarcerated, and they don’t want to repeat, time and time again. Until we change our way of thinking, they don’t have to. Build and they will come…

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