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Federal Judge Upholds Most of Fremont Anti-Illegal Alien Ordinance

NEBRASKA: Federal Judge Upholds Most of Fremont Anti-Illegal Alien Ordinance

By John Hill on February 21, 2012
The accelerating trend of local victories against illegal aliens continued
Monday, as a Federal Judge in Nebraska upheld most of a hard-fought Fremont
ordinance intended to keep illegal aliens out of the city – keeping
employment restrictions, but limiting restrictions on illegal aliens
obtaining housing in Fremont.

U.S. District Court Judge Laurie Smith Camp upheld the city’s mandate that
all employers screen the legal status of job applicants. This was a victory
for the people of Fremont, who overwhelmingly approved the measure in 2008,
before they were sued by the ACLU and others.

The judge blocked a provision barring illegals from obtaining occupancy
permits to rent apartments or homes. But even here the judge stunned the
plaintiffs by permitting the city to mandate a $5 permit application and
citizenship checks to obtain an occupancy permit. The fact that the city can then report illegal status to immigration authorities will most certainly deter many illegals from applying in the first place.

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