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Pincrest Closure – Consolidation

Pincecrest really isn’t the issue. It’s upper management. It’s that simple. I KNOW some of these teachers, and they work to teach these kids, and then have their hearts broken by these idiots who make more than all combined.

I apologize for saying idiot…but if the shoe fits.

Some schools even rotate management just so they can get the retirement bennies.
I have said it before…it’s not the SIZE of the school, it’s consideration.

How would you like your kids to have NO time to do anything but ride a bus?

The people in pinecrest pay for the school, the associated district sucks the money down a black hole for their well heeled chumps that justify closing these schools so they can, “git some@ and care not a whit if they are doing right by the community.

Some consolidation is needed…but not for more middle and upper management just so suck more blood.

pinecrest is 26 miles from Sonora High, and the other high schools aren’t much closer.
How would you like go sit in a bus for fifty or forty miles a day….while your community is being taxed for the privilege of wasting the money?

Pincrest might have changed..but I doubt it.

As a child we had one bus driver (who also did janitor, handyman, AND cooked) and three teachers…and two of them did admin work.

Now we have ADMINISTRATORS and District SUPES who could fund that whole school or even TWO off their blood sucking salaries..

AND WHAT DO THEY DECIDE? They say chop the fat while sucking the blood right out the community.

I would like to consolidate alright….
We don’t NEED those high priced greed mongers.
They are useless.