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Humilliation of my cat

To whom it may concern;

You leave me no choice but to write this letter to the editor to try to get through to you. You must live near me in the Longeway/South Fork rd. area because I don’t think my grey-male cat Matoo would wander much farther than a few blocks to see you.

I’ve long thought Matoo had a second home because he’d be gone from here for days at a time and returns not particularly hungry, rather content. As far as I know, he’s been visiting you for a long while because this has been his behavior for a few years now. But recently, we have found he’d come back home shaven, shaven by an electric hair clipper. Not completely, but rather un-evenly, as a matter of fact actually, he looks like an idiot now. The poor thing!

Why are you doing this? I’ve racked my brain trying to figure this out. It can’t be because he has Velcro stickers in his fur, because any prudent adult would simply take a brush to his fur to remove them, easy to fix.

There is no reason for him to be shaved.

Are you a teenager messing around? Perhaps, but then why don’t we see a Mohawk or something else a kid would think amusing. I don’t think it’s a kid. You have to know that the manner in which you’ve shaved him is without skill or thought of evenness or style. It’s done very hap-hazardly.

You’ve done this on at least two occasions now in the last two months, I’ve tried putting notes on his collar with our phone number and a request to call me but you didn’t bother to call.

Please, if you love our cat as we do, go ahead and befriend and care for him while he’s there with you as we do. But please stop shaving him, it’s not necessary. We take care of his medical and grooming requirements as needed. There is no reason to shave his fur off!

If this is you or someone you know and care to discuss it please email me at nic8407@comcast.net

Thank you.

-Upper Crystal Falls resident.