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Controlled Burns

OK, SERIOUSLY, really? Controlled burns in Yosemite and Stanislaus National Park in JUNE? Where did the common sense go. We have elderly that cannot inhale the smoke, children who have asthma, visitors who will not be coming back to Sonora, Yosemite or anyother vacation spots, because some idiot in Washington DC decided, (and we let him/her) to do controlled burns in June.

I for one, and I know I am not alone in this, wish just once we acknowledged the fact that California is not full of humidity as is Washington DC and any other eastern state, we are DRY! in June and I mean DRY! Can someone explain to me why we would take the chance of a controlled burn to become a out-of-control burn!!!!! Wake up, I am ashamed of our Federal Forest Service employees that allowed this!

Look to Australia, they burn after the first or second rainfall in the fall, not in the hottest part of the year.