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So Much Tragic News

Lately, the amount of bad news has outweighed any conception of good in our community.
I think we all need to pull together and seriously try to do something about it.
I know that I usually am the scofflaw, and I frequently fight over ideology, but, today… I was hit with intimations of mortality over the news of Ron Billings.
I honestly cried for over an hour. Just thinking about it breaks my heart.
To find someone dead next to train tracks.
To find a mother and her son now homeless after a fire.
To see a man cut down in his prime.
To see so many senseless tragedies….
I don’t know…I honestly don’t. I DO know that despite everything, WE are a community. We ARE a Nation.
We all must try!
Sorry…still hurting over the news about Ron. I have even written to the company asking if it could have been prevented.
I have heard (can’t say who) that things were shoddy there….especiallly the electrical systems….
And I want some closure.
I want us to do something about the homeless. I want us to do something about the drugs. I want us to do something about what is tearing us apart.
We MUST compromise.