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Timber Tax

Heidi Morton, Mother Lode Taxpayers Association – California’s Hidden Tax

Hard working Californians may once again be forced to pay another tax to support big government. Governor Brown’s proposal to reform the Timber Harvest Plan and create a Lumber Retail Sales Tax is nothing more than big government regulation that will benefit envionmental groups at the expense of the timber industry.

This tax is nothing more than an attempt to compel consumers to help alleviate the state’s deficit – because as we all know too well, Sacramento always things that the solution to its budget problem is more taxes.

Furthermore, I have also learned that the tax would be collected as part of the existing sales tax so that many consumers would not even realize it was there. So the same big government which has been front and center in California’s economic crisis is now attempting to hide a new tax from its citizens.

The California Legislature should oppose the creation of this hidden tax. Is this the type of action thata Sacramento thinks will improve our economy and encouragae business growth in the Golden State? Or is yet another tax that is all cost and no benefit?