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Tuolumne Utilities District Race (TUD)

This year’s TUD race is more complicated than past elections. While the word incumbent appears by their names, Mr. Dahlin and Mr. Ringen were appointed this last year, to blame them for past decisions is unfair. For several decades the TUD has been using one-time hookup fees to cover its operational costs, not a sound business decision. The economic downturn has forced a change in policy. In a panic, a major rate increase was proposed last year. The incumbents, the ones now under attack, voted down that large increase in favor of a balanced approach of serious cuts and smaller rate increases. The result is clear: TUD now has a balanced budget. Their plan worked.

The challengers were stirred to action by the proposed large rate increase that the incumbents vetoed. None of them had been interested in the TUD before, they did not attend meetings or invest the time to find out what TUD actually does. The crisis that they formed to curtail has been averted: the TUD has a balanced budget; no large rate increases are coming. How do they propose to provide us with a secure water supply? With band-aids and shortcuts.

What does TUD do? They repair nearly 300 mainline breaks annually for one. They have to patch an outdated system that will fail if not revamped. TUD operates more than a dozen treatment plants. A plan to consolidate them and upgrade the pipes is under development now. This will lead to significant long-term savings.

Behee, Dahlin, and Ringen for TUD – No band-aids, no shortcuts.

~Isaac Kight
Chairman, Gold Country Leadership Group
“Jobs and Prosperity for the Mother Lode.”