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Joe Silva Scandal

Joe Silva and the Tuolumne County Schools Office Trustees were justly caught trying to circumvent California Education Code, in a scam. They had planned to stick the taxpayers with a $25,000 pay raise to Superintendent Silva by sticking California State Teachers Retirement system with the cost of most of his newly inflated salary. This is just the City of Bell retirement scam in a different format. Superintendent Silva and the Trustees who supported this plan should be fired for attempting to break the law, sticking the taxpayers with more expenses, giving Silva a raise and then trying to pass it off as “saving our schools money”.

Further, the County Schools’ lawyer, Byron Smith is the same lawyer who advised John Pendley and his gang in the cover-up of the Columbia Elementary School sexual predator scandal. Perhaps school district trustees should pursue better legal advice, before getting caught attempting to cover up violations of law.

Reverend Randal Lee