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Dear Catholic Charities Anonymous Donator

I have decided to renounce my Catholic Faith. This has been a hard decision to come by. We went to Catholic Charities seeking help to get a car. They called and told us to call the insurance company and make sure we could get insurance. The insurance company told us everything was paid for. The lady at Catholic Charities said everything was fine and we would be getting the car. I called the place that I was starting work, and let them know I had a car coming and I could start work hopefully that week! We were so excited! Then the same day that lady told us that everything was fine, she sent out a letter stating that they only help families with disablities (I have a disabled husband, and 3 special needs children), families that need help for work ( I needed the car to start a job), and other extreme situations.

I have no idea how they decided to spend your donation, but I think we fit every thing they said we didn’t! I was not able to go to work, I had to cancel my sons autism doctor appointment, and many other things. I am very saddened at this time.