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Raising Minimum Wages

I just had to comment on the minimum wage issue because I’m absolutely amazed by the ignorance of some people.

How can anyone think that raising the minimum wage will create jobs. Have they forgotten that a lot of the country has been experiencing droughts during the summer and weak or mild winters? The prices of beef and produce is going up as a result. Grocery stores and restaurants will be hit the hardest because of this. Not to mention Obama care is to take affect next year, forcing millions of people to purchase health care as well as employers to offer health coverage for their employees.

Because of the so called affordable health care act, very few employers are offering full time positions. Tack on a rise in minimum wage, one of two things will happen. Employers will be forced to lay people off, stop hiring all together or raise prices on their products. If prices are raised, tell me, what good will the hike in minimum wage do?