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And Balances

Has the press viewed any of the evidence the sheriffs say proves Phillip Marshall shot his kids?

There are several problem areas in the reports, starting with the day the ascertained that Phillip Marshall was definitively the shooter. The account of the “records” says that the one subpoenaed “medical” record “suggested” that the welbutrin (its common name) was prescribed for “some kine of mental illness”, and the “bipolar disorder” diagnosis appears to be their own diagnosis. Hasn’t there been any other corroporating opinion in the ensuing 6 years since that opinion (which could have been an airline record, it was not a physicians diagnosis).

What is the delay in getting the autopsy results released. A copy should be available to anyone that asks for about ten bucks. It’s been almost 10 weeks. Has anyone seen the photos? Was he shot in the left or the right temple. Is there any reason the public shouldn’t be able to verify this so we can have confidence that we are being served? And protected?

Is the DNA test data in? How would we know. Has the press asked? If so, why wasn’t it part of the most recent report. A crime has been committed. The accused has been denied his defense but is due “compulsory process” to obtain witnesses for his defense, even if that witness is simply the evidence itself. Either way. The data has to be verified. That’s how a republic works. See Amendment 6 of the US Constitution.

What was the time of deaths? If it was done at night, as appears to have been certain due to the children sleeping on a couch when shot, then the two times the shootings could have occurred are 24 hours apart and shouldn’t have been that difficult to ascertain. Body temperature, evaporation, and other clues should have been considered. Why was Merita Callaway told it was Thursday night (as seen in her interview at the caleveras enterprise) and the union democrat was told it was saturday, when the bodies were found? Were the bodies shot 12 hours before they were found or 36 hours? (plus or minus about 4 hours for either case)

The poor quality and hasty conclusions in this investigation literally invites “conspiracy theories”? Are the sheriffs baiting conspiracy theorists? Is that their job? Is that what they are paid for?

There two main problems with the investigation besides its appearance of being amaturish and prejudicial. One is the lack of proof of their evidence so we can see how they came to the conclusions they did and the other is the possiblity that there is no evidence in the first place! Did they take photos of the crime scene?

We know from the report itself that Marshall’s gun was in a safe and that he had the gun for a year before he bought ammo for it. Then we are told that when he bought the ammo he bought one of only two boxes in existence in the entire united states.

If the ballistics tests are inconclusive, there’s another way to prove his guilt. He was apparently a connoisseur “extremely low availability” bullets when he ever bought them.

This is a conspiracy theory ready to hatch.

The way to prevent that bizarre coincidence from undermining the credibility of the department is for them to be a little more forthcoming with the evidence. Show us what you got so we can admire your work. Don’t hide it so we suspect you might even be complicit in the crime, for goodness sakes.