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County’s Pick & Choose Encroachment Enforcement Laws

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I’m a 90 year old USMC WWII 100% disabled purple heart w/ a bronze star veteran who owns a cabin that I built with my brother back in 1965. I have a steep asphalt driveway that is being destroyed by the new owner of cabin next door. My driveway has always been asphalt and the neighboring property has always been a dirt driveway.

After [name removed] and Public Works Inspector George Long didn’t enforce the counties own encroachment laws by allowing the previous owner to illegally remove 6 trees between the two properties, they are now threating me with a misdemeanor because I placed two large boulders on my property, alongside my driveway 4 feet off the road so as not to interfere with the snow plows but to protect my land. I fought a war for the rights to protect my property and now the county is saying I’m a criminal if I continue to protect my land.

[Name removed] and Public Works Inspector George Long have dishonored all of my Marine Corps brothers who didn’t make it home by pronouncing that American’s don’t have the right to protect their property.

By the way, the HBO Series “The Pacific” was about my division and my company’s battles during the war. I was wounded in combat three times and still survived the war. My brothers who never made it home are heroes.

I’ve never been arrested nor knowingly broke the law but now I am being identified a criminal by the Calaveras County Public Works Department. This breaks my heart.


Donald E. Mason

WWII 100% Disabled Veteran

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