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Pollution: The Blame goes to LaLa-Land

Thank you for publishing the AP story “CA spends $428M on waterway trash-fighting”. A little online research led me to this information: The biggest polluters are bunched in and around Los Angeles. No wonder then that the highest cleanup cost PER PERSON are down there in La-La-Land.

Source: http://stopplasticpollution.org/what-did-your-city-spend/

Most of Northern California spends $20.50 per person annually. Down south five cities or towns are in the $25-$100 range. That can mean only one of two things: Either they do a better job at cleaning up — or they produce a staggering amount of trash per person.

If you ask me, I wouldn’t be opposed at all if SoCal decided to secede from California. Apply for becoming the 51st state. Or form their own kingdom. Or join Mexico. I wouldn’t mind.