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Water in fuel from service station causes huge damages

Can anyone help or has anyone had the same problem? Our truck fuel light was lit, so we pulled into a local {“newer”) gas station for fuel. It was around 11:30pm and we proceded to pump $20.00 worth of diesel fuel. No sooner we left the station, the shook and eventually stalled before we could get home. Also, at the time of pumping, the fuel tanker was present to fill the holding tanks!

We called a friend, who is a mechanic, and we were told that the was so much water in our fuel tank, that it needed to be drained. We contacted the fuel station, personally, and were told by the female employee; “I bet you did get water in your tank because our “tanker” was in about that time.” We contacted corporate and were told that a maitenance man would go and check it out. Long story, short, we were told that everything checked out “ok”, and no bells and whistles went off.

Since then, we had to have the injectors, water pump, etc, etc, replaced and now are told that the transmission is bad, and alone, that will cost close to $5,000.00!!!

We have our receipt from the fuel as well as two receipts stating there was water in our fuel tank, so what can we do? Has anyone had this similar problem?