Ad Submission Guidelines

Art and Text

If you are interested in creating your own ads to run on, please follow the guidelines below. Otherwise, our professional team of account executives and designers can help you craft a compelling ad that engages your target audience.

Standard Ad Unit Specs:


Whenever possible, we prefer to receive images in electronic form. We can process most formats, including Photoshop (PSD), JPG, PNG, GIF, EPS, and Illustrator (AI). Otherwise, good quality printed material is fine. We cannot accept transparencies or negatives for any graphic materials.


The best way to send logos and other line art is in EPS, Adobe Illustrator or Postscript format. If the file contains any specific fonts, please include them. Otherwise, a medium to high resolution image file is acceptable. Business cards are the hardest to work with due to poor image quality.


We strongly prefer any copy greater than 50 words be sent as a text document via email, or in either Microsoft Word or plain text format. We can also accept text and layout created in Adobe Illustrator.

The IAB ( has put forth a standard set of ad sizes in an effort to ease the process of buying advertising across sites. Below is an outline of the IAB we serve. At this time we are not able to accept all the sizes the IAB has put forward.


Ad Unit Dimensions File Size Rich Media Enabled IAB Standard
Leader Board 728 x 90 100k Yes Yes
Blockbuster Ad 300 x 250 100k Yes Yes
Gateway 300 x 40 20k No No
Max Impact Ad
2 – 160 x 600
1 – 728 x 90
1 – 320 x 50
100k each

File size limits will be strictly enforced.

Sending Materials

Electronic Transfer:

Materials may be emailed to, as long as the files are no larger than one megabyte. Contact your Account Executive if you wish to email files.

Regular Mail:

You can send files on DVD, CD-ROM or Thumb Drive to:
c/o Production Department
342 S Washington St
Sonora, CA 95370-5020

* Important Note: Campaign development will not begin until has received ALL content necessary to create your ads. Allow two weeks for creation and production. Please see your Account Executive with any questions.

Rich Media – Audio Ads

*All advertiser provided ads and content must be approved by the publisher.

Audio files can be connected to a display ad running on When a user clicks on a display ad, rather than moving a user to a different place on the web, the ad server will launch an audio file. The audio will be hosted at and played in the end user’s media player.

Audio Procedure:

Because a display creative will be built for the ad campaign, the complete and properly formatted audio file must be delivered at least 3 business days prior to the campaign going live on the portal. The audio file shall be in MP3 codec, 128 kbit/s and 44.1 kHz sampling rate, with up to two channels. The clip may be no longer than 15 playable seconds. will connect the audio files to the display creative, but will not do any audio encoding.