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MML Maximum Impact Wrap Maximum Impact Advertising

In today’s online world, capturing attention of desktop, tablet and mobile users is the best way to brand and maximize your exposure. Bigger is sometimes better and that is certainly the case with the new MML Homepage Maximum Impact Wrap display!!

Maximum Impact Wraps provide a premium above-the-fold ad format across all desktop screens. These ads will float on the sides of the homepage content and move with the user as they scroll down the page. In addition, mobile users will see a version of your ad in a floating footer ad at the bottom of their device screen.

What better way to exposure your business to the more than on average 33,000 daily visits to the homepage. Maximum Impact Wrap are built for maximum size and exposure, almost exhibiting a 3D image surrounding other local features on the home page.

Maximize your brand and exposure with the all-new Maximum Impact Wrap today!

This unique method of advertising has unique advantages:

  • It is a new ad format arousing user interest resulting in better response rates.
  • Exclusive, one-of-a-kind ad placement during your campaign.
  • Unique and easily seen.

Client benefits:

  • Exclusivity during the campaign.
  • One-of-a-kind positioning.
  • Multi-device exposure capturing attention of a larger audience than desktop alone.

Section Sponsorships

Occupy the premier position in a section called the “Gateway”. Gateway ads are display ads placed just above the content in a section or article, thus providing maximum attention. Price varies per section. Some of these sponsorships come with radio tags.*

The following sections can be sponsored:

Real Estate Section

Be seen in the region’s most comprehensive real estate site.’s real estate section includes thousands of articles, tools, calculators and other resources that generate tens of thousands of page views by consumers looking to buy, sell, finance, and improve their homes.
Display ads are run of section and impressions are shared equally by advertisers in a given ad zone. Leaderboard, Skyscraper and Tile ads are available, with a maximum of four campaigns running in each ad zone in order to maximize effectiveness.


Own a keyword on! We have several methods for visitors to navigate our extensive web site. One of the fastest ways to find what you want on the portal is to use the keyword search box. For example, type in “movies” and be whisked to the movie showtimes.

Advertisers can “own” a keyword on the portal. When a visitor types your keyword into the prominent keyword search box, they will be taken automatically to your very own micro-site on the portal. A micro-site is a mini website designed for a very narrow purpose, such as providing a landing page for a specific offer. These keywords may be purchased with selected radio campaigns.

For example, the on-air personalities would deliver liners by saying something like “ABC Home Loans can help you take advantage of the lowest mortgage rates in a half-century. Go to, keyword ‘refi’ for more details.”


Micro-sites are mini-websites that can be used as landing pages for customers who don’t yet have a website of their own. They provide all of the pertinent data a buyer might need such as, a photo or two, description of services, contact information etc. Micro-sites also can also have coupons embedded in them.