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Painting A Room – Step by Step by James Carey and Morris Carey

  • Use disposable latex gloves (or surgical gloves) instead of cotton or household latex gloves to avoid lint.
  • Get into inside corners without double-painting. As you paint one wall and again when you paint the next wall"," cut a straight edge on a piece of sponge using a serrated kitchen knife. Do the corner first with the cut sponge then overlap the area with paint on an uncut sponge as you do the rest of the wall.
  • Use a light touch. To avoid creating a predictable pattern vary the amount of pressure you apply"," change the position of the sponge in your hand"," twist your wrist often"," and even switch hands occasionally.
  • Work on one area at a time"," whether it is a 3- to 4-foot-wide wall section or the door of a cabinet. If you will be unable to complete an entire job (such as the walls of a room) in one session"," don’t stop in the middle of an area. Work to a corner or other natural break or transition spot.
  • If the sponge becomes too saturated with paint"," rinse it out well in water (or solvent for oil-based paints).