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Letters to the Editor

Water Shortage 01/23/2014

Bob Petersen

Why is it that, given the lack of rain, those in charge are talking about all the things that citizens can do to save water ? I would like an explanation of why all the reservoirs in the area are empty. These lakes were semi full to full at the end of the summer in 2013.< more

County’s Pick & Choose Encroachment Enforcement Laws 10/06/2013

Donald E Mason

I’m a 90 year old USMC WWII 100% disabled purple heart w/ a bronze star veteran who owns a cabin that I built with my brother back in 1965. I have a steep asphalt driveway that is being destroyed by … more

Government Shut Down 10/01/2013

Eleanor Wittrup

As I understand it, in order to pass (or repeal) a law in the U.S.A. you have to pass it by majority vote in the House AND the Senate and then the President has to sign the bill into law. … more

Recent Blogs

What Does My Donation Go To? 08/07/2015


Even after twenty five years of being in the community, it’s a fair question to ask – if I make a gift to the Sonora Area Foundation, what does it go to? When making a gift to the Sonora Area … more

July Bulletin: Roads And More 07/22/2015


Special Session on Transportation Last month, Governor Brown called a special session of the legislature to address the state’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. I have been appointed to serve on the Transportation and Infrastructure Development Committee during the special session. Anyone … more

A Breathtakingly Dangerous Act 07/15/2015


I don’t know how adequately to express my alarm and outrage at the President’s agreement with Iran. It is a breathtakingly dangerous act. Some have compared it to Neville Chamberlain’s Munich Accord with Nazi Germany, but that doesn’t fully illustrate … more

Let’s Work To Eliminate Obstacles 07/08/2015


The recent Grand Jury recommendation to reinstate the Southern Tuolumne County Planning Commission is not a progressive decision. Doing so would actually be a move in the wrong direction. Tuolumne County was the only county in the state to have … more

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