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Letters to the Editor

A Letter To Rep. McClintock 02/13/2017

Rep. McClintock – It’s time for you and the Republican party to represent this great nation and her people, not parrot the agenda of someone who has trouble with honesty and integrity. A little independent thought and action on your part is sorely need and called for. more

Water Shortage 01/23/2014

Bob Petersen

Why is it that, given the lack of rain, those in charge are talking about all the things that citizens can do to save water ? I would like an explanation of why all the reservoirs in the area are empty. These lakes were semi full to full at the end of the summer in 2013.< more

County’s Pick & Choose Encroachment Enforcement Laws 10/06/2013

Donald E Mason

I’m a 90 year old USMC WWII 100% disabled purple heart w/ a bronze star veteran who owns a cabin that I built with my brother back in 1965. I have a steep asphalt driveway that is being destroyed by … more

Recent Blogs

News From The Sonora Area Foundation 04/07/2017


Greetings from the Sonora Area Foundation. Having just completed my sixth month at the Foundation, perhaps a recap and summary of activities would be of interest. It has certainly been fascinating for me. The theme of my early tenure, as … more

Premium Paid For Good Roads 04/05/2017


Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative Democrats recently announced a deal to create a new car tax and raise the state‚Äôs gas tax by 40 percent. If passed, the proposal would cost Californians $52 billion over the course of a decade. … more

TCAR Supports Responsible Growth 03/30/2017


The Tuolumne County Association of Realtors (TCAR) supports the approval and adoption of responsible development that will enhance the economic vitality and improve the quality of life we all enjoy in Tuolumne County. The California Association of Realtors (CAR) notes … more

McClintock Calls For Repeal And Replace 03/22/2017


Any discussion of the American Health Care Act needs first to consider where we will be without it. Obamacare is collapsing. More people are paying the steep tax penalty or claiming hardship exemptions than are choosing to buy Obamacare policies. more