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Soap Operas

Soap Operas for Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill was alone in Brooke's bedroom after Brooke had gone to work. Quinn entered, and Bill was incredulous that she had gotten into Brooke's home. Quinn laid into Bill about Hope's decision to date both Liam and Wyatt. Quinn complained that Wyatt's heart had been broken, and she wanted Bill to step up and offer Wyatt all the same perks that Bill had given Liam. Bill tried to calm Quinn, but Quinn was on a rant that Bill needed to convince Liam to let go of Hope. Bill told Quinn that she was crazy. Bill reminded her that Wyatt was a tough kid who didn't need his mommy and daddy interfering in his love life. Quinn disagreed.

Days of Our Lives

Nicole called Jennifer's phone. At the cabin, Liam accidentally answered the phone call and Nicole overheard Liam talking to Jennifer and he struggled to his feet after Jennifer had hit him with the fireplace poker. The call disconnected and Nicole worried that Liam was telling Jennifer about Nicole's secret. At the cabin, Jennifer struggled to open the door, and Liam grabbed her just as she was able to open it. Liam pushed her against the door, closing it. Shoving the gun in Jennifer's face, Liam pulled her toward the couch. Jennifer cowered on the couch and said that if Liam had been honest about his feelings then their relationship would be different.

The Young and the Restless

Abby concluded that Tyler was still in love with Mariah, but Tyler explained that everyone knew that Abby was worth half a billion dollars, and he was fine with the fact that Victor wanted a prenuptial agreement. Tyler added that he wanted Abby to know what he wanted out of their marriage, so he'd had Leslie put it in writing. Abby reluctantly read the document, which stated that Tyler had no intention of ever leaving Abby, but if for any reason Abby fell out of love with him, he wanted nothing of monetary value. Tyler and Abby kissed, and Leslie returned from taking a call and said that Barton had had an emergency, but the couple ignored her. Leslie told Abby and Tyler to think about getting a room.

One Life to Live

One Life to Live did not air a new episode. All My Children did not air a new episode.

General Hospital

On Pier 54, Jordan paced as she recalled her conversation with Julian asking to be a part of his lucrative drug trade. Moments later, she heard a sound, so she called out to ask who was there and then warned the person that she had a gun. Shawn stepped out of the shadows and asked if it was true about the gun. Jordan confessed that she had lied, so Shawn switched gears to ask why she was on the docks at night. Jordan claimed that she had decided to take a stroll for some fresh air, but Shawn didn't believe her and asked if she was waiting for a drug drop for her new boss.


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